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Friday August 7, 2020

August has started out with good news, all of the Covid-19 tests administered at Cumming Senior Living were negative!  As of today, Cumming Senior Living has had one staff member who tested postive and no positive results for residents.  Cumming Health and Rehab has had 16 residents who tested postive and 7 staff members.  We are blessed that there are not any active positive cases in either facility.  As community cases continue to rise we will continue to shelter in place only permitting essential services in the facility.  If you would like to schedule a phone call or video chat with your loved one please notify either Debbie Swanson, dswanson@cummingnursing.com or Wanda Lawhorn, wlawhorn@cummingnursing.com.  

This week's treats have been sweet!  Thanks to our lovely Activitie's Department, they have served up watermelon, warm cookies and milk and a yummy rasberry tart this week.  Today we all got in on the action and participated in a traveling Luau!  We served up pork sliders, fresh fruit, tapioca pudding and frozen drinks!  Of course the entertainment included some hula dancers swaying to Luau music.  Check out the pictures in the upper right hand corner of this page.  We hope that you find a moment to make a new memory with those you love this week!

Friday July 31, 2020

We have had enjoyed our week and are thrilled that we haven't had any new positive Covid-19 cases at either Cumming Health and Rehab or Cumming Senior Living!  To date Cumming Health and Rehab has had 16 total residents test positive with 15 recovered and 7 total employees.  Cumming Senior Living has had one employee and no residents positive for Covid-19 to date.  Every department at our facilities play an integral role in safely caring for our residents with love and kindness.  This novel virus has resulted in adjustments to our daily personal and professional lives and we are so proud to be part of this team that includes our supportive friends and families.

You know we can't let a week go by without celebrating a "National Day!"  The Activities Department was creative with National Lasagna Day and served up a Apple Lasagna that was delish!  They kept the trend going with yummy chili dogs and a variety of treats for National Milk Chocolate Day.  We hope that you all find something special to celebrate everyday especially during these trying times.

Friday July 24, 2020

We hope that all of you have enjoyed your week as much as we have!  Cumming Health and Rehab has no current positive cases of Covid-19.  To date 16 residents  and 7 staff members have tested positive, with no current active cases.  Cumming Senior Living has one staff member who tested positive.  All of the residents were tested this week as a precaution and are awaiting results.  None of the residents have any symptoms at this time.  If a resdient does test positive for Covid-19 then all emergency contacts will be notified after the contacts for the infected resident. Thank you for your continued support as we all navigate the challenges that arise as a result of this novel virus.

The Activities Department continues to shower us all with positivity and creative treats which is much apprectiated!  This week residents were treated to cookies, sundaes in honor of National Vanilla Ice Cream Day and perfect tomato sandwiches!  Longleaf Hospice generously treated staff to treats from Nothing Bundt Caskes.  A special THANK YOU to Ms. Orsi and her family for blessing the staff members with a delicious lunch this week!  We thank you for your continued support hope eveyone has an enjoyable, safe weekend!



Friday July 17, 2020

We have had another fantastic week of being covid free! We continue to provide and require all staff members in contact with residents to wear a respirator mask.

We celebrated National French Fry Day with curly fries, Shark Awareness Day with fun trivia questions/brain teasers, National Hot Dog Day with mini hot dogs, Fresh Spinach Day with homemade quiche, and my favorite peach Ice Cream Day with fresh homemade ice cream. We look forward to next week and all the fun ways we can celebrate each day. Please check out our pictures in the top corner of all the new, fun, and ineresting ways we celebrate and enjoy ourselves.

We continue to report all required information concerning Covid-19 to the CDC. Please if you have any questions or concerns call 770-781-2300 or email info@cummingnursing.com

Thursday July 9, 2020

We are pleased to inform you that Cumming Health and Rehab and Cumming Senior Living Center do not have any current residents who have tested positive for Covid-19.  Cumming Health and Rehab has had 16 total residents who tested positive and 15 of those residents recovered.  Cumming Health and Rehab did have one staff member test positive for Covid-19 in the past week.  We do contact tracing on any positive or presumed positive test results.  This employee knows where the exposure occured outside of the facility.  There is no indication that any residents were exposed to Covid-19 from this employee.  To date Cumming Health and Rehab has had a total of 7 employees test positive for Covid-19 with 6 who have recovered.  Cumming Senior Living has not had any residents or staff members test positive for Covid-19.  We want to stress that we continue to provide and require all staff members in contact with residents to wear a respirator mask.  We also continuously educate employees on infection prevention protocols in order to limit the occurance of Covid-19 within the facility.  While it is unfortunate, we do anticipate future positive cases of Covid-19 as the virus continues to spread througout the state and community.  If a resident tests positive for Covid-19 all emergency contacts will be notified via the mass notification system after the family of the infected resident is notified.  Due to HIPPA privacy laws detailed information concerning any positive resident or staff member cannot be shared.   We continue to report all required information concerning Covid-19 to the CDC.  If you have any questions you can call 770-781-2300 or email info@cummingnursing.com.

We have stayed busy having fun and enjoying any refreshing treats that will help keep us cool in the July summer heat!  Today is National Sugar Cookie Day, so of course we had to celebrate!  Please check out some of our residents enjoying themselves in the pictures at the top of the page.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday July 2, 2020

Happy Independence Day Weekend!  We are thrilled to announce that Cumming Health and Rehab and Cumming Senior Living do not have any residents or staff members with an active positive case of Covid-19!  In total to date Cumming Health and Rehab has had 16 residents test positive for Covid-19 and 15 recovered as well as 6 staff members who have all recovered.  Thank you for your continued prayers and well wishes for our residents and staff members.  We are sending the same to all of you!

Cumming Health and Rehab recieved an Infection Control survey from Georgia's  Healthcare Facility Regulation Division on Monday June 29th.  We are proud to announce that this thourough survey was completed without any findings of inadequacies.  We are committed to remaining up to date with guidance provided by the various agencies including the CDC, CMS and Georgia Public Health to ensure that we are adjusting protocols to meet these updates.  Once again we would like to reiterate how empathetic we are during this time you have been physically separated from your loved ones.  We will continue to work with local and state officials as guidelines are relaxed regarding visitors in long term care facilities and update you when these changes happen.

Our residents have been busy eating watermelon and other summer goodies delivered with enthusiasm!  Check out the updated pictures in the upper right hand corner.  Fresh air outings are always popular but being reserved for the cooler mornings since the heat has arrived with July.  There are plans for a 4th of July celebration including a staff parade to entertain our residents and cookout lunch!  We hope you enjoy your 4th of July weekend!



Friday June 26, 2020

We have had a good healthy week and hope all of you have as well!  We are happy to report that we do not have any residents who currently have tested positive to COVID-19.  As of today Cumming Health and Rehab has had 16 total residents who tested postive for COVID-19 and 15 residents recovered.  There have been 6 total staff members test positive for COVID-19 but there are no current staff with a positive case.  Cumming Senior Living has not had any residents or staff members test positive for COVID-19.  If this data were to change we would alert emergency contacts for all of our residents via the mass notification system.  We would like to thank the National Guard for disinfecting the facility on Tuesday morning.

Our residents were treated with a Cumming Health and Rehab version of an ice cream truck this week!  Room service was delivered with "bells" on!  Social distancing, fresh air outings were served up with ripe watermelon and homemade cookies this week.

We also celebrated National Nursing Assistants Week.  Our Certified Nursing Assistants have dedicated their lives to the well-being of our residents. Their hard work is praise worthy everyday but their dedication during this world wide pandemic has been truly remarkable.  Thank you to all of the Certified Nursing Assistants who have bravely reported to duty to ensure that all of their residents are cared for and loved.  We would like to thank the following companies for donating to our celebration this week:  Pruitt Home Health, Brightstar Care, Home Helpers, Bridgeway Hospice, Guardian Home Health, Amedisys Home Health, A Place for Mom and Kindred Home Health.  Thank you for showering them with well deserved treats and meals throughout the week. 


Friday June 19, 2020

We continue to have good news to share that Cumming Health and Rehab and Cumming Senior Living don't have any residents who have tested positive for COVID-19.  To date Cumming Health and Rehab has had 16 total residents test positive for COVID-19 and 15 of those residents have recovered.  We continue to do daily screening on all residents, staff members and necessary visitors.  We continue to keep up to date on all recommendations from the CDC and Public Health making adjustments to operations as guidance suggests.  You can always contact us at 770-781-2300 or cumminginfo.com if you  have any questions.  Thank you again for your continued support during this difficult time.

Nothing can make our residents smile like seeing their loved ones, but our Activities Department has tried their best!  This week they were able to go outside for some fresh air, the afternoons earlier in the week were perfect for getting some natural Vitamin D!  Our residents enjoyed eating some fresh vegetables on National Vegetable Day!  I think the overwhelming favorite treat this week was Coke Floats, Root Beer Floats and Orange Floats!   We have added some lovely pictures of our residents enjoying themselves to the picture box on the right of this page.  Happy Father's Day weekend!


Friday June 12, 2020

We are happy to report that Cumming Health and Rehab and Cumming Senior Living don't have any residents with a positive case of COVID-19.  To date Cumming Health and Rehab has had 16 total residents test positve for COVID-19 and 15 of those residents recovered.  Staff testing that was completed on June 1st has resulted in no positive test results.  We continue to screen all residents, staff and any necessary visitors daily.  All previous precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 remain in place and adjustments are continually made as the guidance is updated.

We want to clarify that Governor Kemp did revoke the vulnerable populations "stay in place" directive yesterday but it does not pertain to people residing in nursing homes, personal care homes, and assisted livings.  We are actively involved in our Region D Healthcare Coalition and Georgia Healthcare Association, who will issue guidance on easing restrictions when the Governor gives the okay to do so.   We understand that not being able to visit your loved ones is a major sacrifice for you as well as for them. We have tried to "think outside of the box" in order to have everyone still feel connected.  Please contact us if you have any questions by calling 770-781-2300 or emailing cumminginfo.com.  

Although the week started out rainy, we have had some beautiful days to go outside with our residents so they can get some fresh air and conversation.  Wanda and Debbie served up refreshing fruit smoothies, ice cream sundaes and a happy hour of sparkling juice and chocolate!  Please check out our beautiful residents enjoying some of the treats from the week by clicking the picture above and scrolling through.  Thank you again for your continued support and have a healthy weekend!

Friday June 5, 2020

We welcomed June in this week and continue to be overjoyed that we do not have any residents positive for COVID-19!  To date 16 residents tested positive for COVID-19 and 15 of those residents recovered.  Cumming Senior Living doesn't have any postive cases.  We offered COVID-19 testing to all staff members this week.  Many staff members had already been tested.

This week the Activities Department kept us busy eating and taking in the sunshine!  We celebrated National Cheese Day and National Donut Day with all the goodies!  Residents who enjoy going outside have been enjoying the warm weather. 

Some families have asked about any changes to the current visitation policy.  As of right now the State of Georgia has not issued any guidance on easing visitation restrictions for our communities.  We continue to honor and accomodate family members visitation with residents nearing end of life.  The Governor extended the Public Health State of Emergency until July 12th.  We welcome those families who would like to come and visit either outside of your loved ones room or outside of our front lobby.  We also encourage video chat or phone calls that can be arranged either through Debbie Swanson, dswanson@cumminghealthandrehab.com or Wanda Lawhorn, wlawhorn@cumminghealthandrehab.com.  Please click on the picture box above to see our residents enjoying this weeks' activities!   

Thursday May 28, 2020

We are so PLEASED to announce that we no longer have any residents who are positive for COVID-19!!!!!  To date there have been a total of 16 residents test positive and 15 residents recovered from this virus.  Cumming Senior Living continues to not have any residents who have tested positive for COVID-19.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to all families who have lost a loved one during this pandemic. 

We would like to send a special Thank You to Dr. Shyla Reddy and Regina Davis, FNP.  They have been here with us through this crisis providing wonderful care to our residents and support to our staff members.  We are truly grateful to have a team of practitioners that never waivered or left our side during this time.


Friday May 22, 2020

We are so pleased to announce that 11 of the 16 residents that have tested positive for COVID-19 have now recovered!  We continue to care for 4 residents recovering from COVID-19.  Thank you to our awesome staff, families, friends, vendors, volunteers and community for supporting us during this crisis.  

St. Brendan's Catholic Church Rosary Ministry Team blessed us with a wonderful breakfast bar this week!  The effort and time that they took assembling this meal for us was so thoughtful!  We loved the food and appreciated the sweet card that accompanyied it.  Thank you Mr. Satriano for the pizza surprise today!  Optum sponsored a pizza party for staff earlier this week.  We celebrated Memorial Day today by taking a moment to honor those who serve our country as well as our residents with a good ole fashion cookout. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to another inspiring week, we hope you have a peaceful Memorial Day weekend!


Thursday May 14, 2020

I want to apologize and correct yesterday's post, the total number of positive COVID-19 residents to date is 16.  We do have 7 residents who have tested positive that remain in-house.  I'm sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

We continue to celebrate National Nursing Home week with our residents and staff.  Monday we celebrated by playing a social distancing game of Let's Make a Deal with popcorn and lemonade.  Tuesday we were treated with bisquits for breakfast from Brightstar Care and warm cookies and milk in the afternoon.  Baked Kitchen food truck serve us lunch on Wednesday.  Today everyone is enjoying ice cream sundaes and games.  Thank you to our Activities Staff, Debbie and Wanda for making this a special week for all of us!


Wednesday May 13, 2020

We are happy to announce that 4 more residents have recovered from COVID-19!  We remain at 12 total residents who have tested positive and 7 of those residents remain cared for in-house.  Cumming Senior Living, the personal care home, continues to have no residents who have tested positive.  Thank you to all of our staff who bravely care for our residents everyday!   We want to also thank all of the families who have allowed us to care for your loved ones and supported us during this unprecedented time.

National Nursing Home Week kicked off on Sunday with Mother's Day.  A special shout out to our Activity Staff, Debbie and Wanda, for making Mother's Day extra special this year.  During this crisis they have creatively thought of ways to continue to engage our residents, family members, staff and our community.  Friday they hosted a social distancing tea party for our mothers complete with roses.  Debbie volunteered to spend her Mother's Day here with our resident's so they could video chat with their loved ones!  Thank you both for your continued dedication to our residents!  The pictures above show how sweet Mother's Day was for us even during a pandemic.

Thursday May 7, 2020

As of noon today our total positive cases of COVID-19 are 16.  We continue to care for 11 residents in-house, who have tested positive.  Cumming Senior Living (the personal care home) continues to have no residents who have tested positive.  We are so happy to announce that we have now had 3 residents recover from COVID-19!  That is the best gift for our nurses as we are celebrating National Nurse's Week!  We send a special THANK YOU out to all of our staff who have cared for and nursed our residents back to health!

We would like to thank all of our vendors who have sent our nurse's treats throughout the week to celebrate the hard work that they do everyday:  Agape Hospice, Pruitt Health Pharmacy, Amedysis Home Health, Longleaf Hospice and Guardian Home Health.  We appreciate your support and recognition!  

The love and appreciation shared by so many of our families is a blessing.  Thank you Penny Love for sending Emma and Debbie beautiful flowers and cookies in recognition of their continued dedication to our residents.

The top right corner of this page has pictures that you can click on to see some of our captured grateful moments!


Tuesday April 28, 2020

As of 4:00pm today our total positive cases has increased by one.  We now have had 15 positive cases total and 12 of those residents remain in-house.  Despite the tireless efforts of our dedicated staff, we- like so many other facilities- have seen our positive cases increase.  It's impossible for us to trace exactly how this virus spreads, but we have implemented every feasible measure to stop its spread, and we are contstantly updating our processes as additional measures are identified.

A heartfelt "thank you" to Tam's Backstage and Midway Meal House restaurants for providing our staff meals to take home to share with their families!  This was such a nice surprise and we are grateful for our community for supporting our healthcare workers.

Thursday April 23, 2020